My new partial knee…

As some of you know, my knees kinda blow, I wish I could just nix ’em.
They keep getting worse, a lifelong curse, but tomorrow having surgery to fix one.

Many years ago, new ACLs were a-go,
but there was some fraying cartilage.
I pushed through the pain, tried not to complain, would I always live with this carnage?

A new option appeared however, and the doc pursued an endeavor, to grow my cartilage in a dish,
Could he reinsert in my knee, provide relief for me, and grant me a pain free wish?

But new cartilage is not in my future, he’ll still cut me and then will suture, and will insert a new partial knee. A new patella-femoral joint, I hope it does not disappoint, will you all please pray for me?

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