For those friends and family who think I share too much.

With these lessons I write, I’m trying to teach my girls how to Love. And not just how to show Love, or share Love, but also to teach others how to Love!

So I don’t want to keep these lessons secret for just my girls. I hope some friends or family or strangers read some of my lessons in the hope that they too might share Love more, instead of Hate. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do, Love One Another?! Are we supposed to keep Love a secret? Should saying “I love you” only be done in private?  Or should we try to share Love with everyone and teach others how to share Love as well.  Imagine a world where people greeted each other with a “Hello” AND an “I love you!”

So that is my passion, my purpose, to show my girls how to Love and how to teach Love.

Now, if you have a problem with my mission, I don’t know what to tell you, other than to ask yourself, “Am I spreading Love or Hate?”

2 thoughts on “For those friends and family who think I share too much.”

  1. So are you in a battle with friends, family or strangers?

    Then why make the arguement love or hate along with teaching your girls.

  2. No, I’m not in a battle. There are some who think I share too much. They are not battling with me. It is a battle within themselves. Do they want to judge me (Hate) or do they want to accept me for who I am (Love). Perhaps my desire to share so much Love stems from having an NDE and catching a glimpse of the Unconditional Love that awaits us all. I would venture to guess most people that have had a NDE want to share that Loving experience, but don’t know where or how or with who. Which is why I helped form our local IANDS group.

    And I do plan to teach my girls how to recognize and understand hate in all forms.

    Below are some lessons I’ve written the girls on judging…

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