My new partial knee…

As some of you know, my knees kinda blow, I wish I could just nix ’em.
They keep getting worse, a lifelong curse, but tomorrow having surgery to fix one.

Many years ago, new ACLs were a-go,
but there was some fraying cartilage.
I pushed through the pain, tried not to complain, would I always live with this carnage?

A new option appeared however, and the doc pursued an endeavor, to grow my cartilage in a dish,
Could he reinsert in my knee, provide relief for me, and grant me a pain free wish?

But new cartilage is not in my future, he’ll still cut me and then will suture, and will insert a new partial knee. A new patella-femoral joint, I hope it does not disappoint, will you all please pray for me?

“Daddie doesn’t shop that aisle! …

… Mommie’s gonna have to help you find what you need there…”

For now, I dread the day when certain teenage topics must be discussed.  Fortunately I still have a few years to learn about how to teach you those lessons properly.  I’m sure I won’t dread it then, I may very well be looking forward to getting it over with.  My brother has been a great source of information since he raised a fine daughter to be proud of.  To be continued…

Sickness prevention

Wash your hands before and after you eat and after you go potty.
Keep your fingers out of your nose and mouth.
Wear a hat when it’s cold and keep your hands and feet warm!
Zip up your coat and keep your neck warm too!
Drink plenty of water, orange juice, an tea.
Eat soups in the winter.
Get plenty of rest (sleep preferred).
Exercise daily, break a sweat once a day.
Thank God for every day you’re alive!