Love yourself and love others

Love yourself for who you are and love others exactly the way they are, as we are all imperfect. Then there should never be any reason to judge. You nor anyone but God is in a position to judge.  Do you know everything they have had to go through?  Are they alone and depressed?  Have they lost a loved one?  Have they lost two?  Were they abused as a child (physically, verbally, sexually, etc.)?  Have they been filled with Hate?!  Do they just need to be Loved?!

How to get people to do what you want

So you want a person to do X and you need to figure out to get them to do X? You can try the direct approach… “Do X.” You could be more forceful… “DO X!!!” But people don’t like being told what to do, even if it is something they want to do. So… you get them to want to do it without directly telling them!

Tune into their radio station WIIFM… “What’s In It For Me?” Find out what motivates that person. Get them motivated enough to do X and chances are they will eventually do X. Need to get them to do X in a certain timeframe? Then motivate them to get X done by a certain time.

Include simple example of getting kids to bed.