If you’re not taking your kids to a Memorial Day Parade, you’re doing it wrong.

It’s good to teach your kids to take a moment and say thanks to those that have fought for our rights and freedoms. Teach them the sacrifice some brave men and women and their families endured.

Wave a flag, wear some red, white, and blue bling, and try to catch some free candy. Not a bad way to spend one beautiful May morning every year.



If you are without your mom this Mother’s Day…

… know that she is always with you.  You are never alone!  My friend’s mom died a few months ago and like always, I wanted to do what I could to help ease the pain.  A few days after the funeral, I wanted a sign that she was in Heaven still looking over her family.  I was getting in my truck and I closed my eyes and prayed.  I asked that whatever song was playing on the radio would be for my friend and her mom.  Kari Jobe’s “I Am Not Alone” was playing, a song I had never heard before.  I imagined my friend singing some of the lyrics of the song to her mom, and before long I was bawling.  I shared this song with my friend who fell it love with it also.

So this morning on Mother’s day, the worship band at my friend’s church sang this song, and she started bawling.  She was reminded that her mom is still with her, still watching over her!

I share this song with you in the hopes it can help ease some of your pain as well.  Happy Mother’s Day!


For those friends and family who think I share too much.

With these lessons I write, I’m trying to teach my girls how to Love. And not just how to show Love, or share Love, but also to teach others how to Love!

So I don’t want to keep these lessons secret for just my girls. I hope some friends or family or strangers read some of my lessons in the hope that they too might share Love more, instead of Hate. Isn’t that what we are supposed to do, Love One Another?! Are we supposed to keep Love a secret? Should saying “I love you” only be done in private?  Or should we try to share Love with everyone and teach others how to share Love as well.  Imagine a world where people greeted each other with a “Hello” AND an “I love you!”

So that is my passion, my purpose, to show my girls how to Love and how to teach Love.

Now, if you have a problem with my mission, I don’t know what to tell you, other than to ask yourself, “Am I spreading Love or Hate?”