Staring contest between father and daughter heals pain from busted lip

By MJP1… 

My little sister’s head bounced up and bashed my lip against my tooth.  I screamed, Screamed, SCREAMED in pain!  I spit blood in the sink.  My parents were trying to get me to put ice on my lip. They offered ice pops, ice cream, but I didn’t want any.  I finally gave in and put ice on it.  

My dad was trying to take my mind off the pain by having me focus on something else. I didn’t want to be tickled. I didn’t want to do anything until he suggested having a staring contest. We were allowed to blink but always had to be looking at one of the others pupils. It was dark and my dad said, “Keep staring while I turn on the lamp.”  One of a kind staring contest we were having by turning the lights on and off.  We could see the rainbow in our eyes.  We also played ping-pong with a fingertip between our eyes… ping-pong, ping-pong, ping-ping-pong. 

And the pain was gone!