I’ll admit it, I’m BALD!!!

If you take pleasure in trying to make fun of me for that fact, then perhaps I might tell you that I don’t give a crap about what you think about me. Then again, I might not, and I’ll save you the embarrassment you tried to place on me!!!

Girls, don’t let anyone try to make you feel bad. If it is a friend, then maybe they shouldn’t be a friend anymore. True friends would never hurt your feelings on purpose. Now friends might make a mistake and accidentally hurt your feelings. Give them a chance to apologize before disowning them. Always give friends the benefit of the doubt.

“Daddie doesn’t shop that aisle! …

… Mommie’s gonna have to help you find what you need there…”

For now, I dread the day when certain teenage topics must be discussed.  Fortunately I still have a few years to learn about how to teach you those lessons properly.  I’m sure I won’t dread it then, I may very well be looking forward to getting it over with.  My brother has been a great source of information since he raised a fine daughter to be proud of.  To be continued…

Banana, mint, mushrooms… ummm… no thanks!

I like peas, I like carrots, I love corn, but please don’t mix them together. I like bananas, but I don’t like banana flavor in any of my other foods. I don’t like mint flavor, I don’t like mushrooms or mushrooms flavor. BUT if I was at a friends house or my mom’s house, I would eat any and all mushrooms on my plate. And I would say thank you!