Lessons From My Father

The original purpose for writing this blog was so my children would be able to know a little about my dad, their grandfather.  I didn’t get to know my dad’s dad.  He died in 1971 before I was born.  But I heard many stories about him from my father.  I wish I wrote those stories down because I can’t remember them and I can no longer ask my dad about them.  I want to write down as many stories as I can think of about my dad, so I can read them to my children.  When we were planning for my dad’s funeral, the priest asks my mom, my brother and I what we should pray for, and I’ll never forget saying, “that we continue to learn from him.”  Writing this book is a learning experience, remembering the lessons, the stories, thinking of the things my dad thought me so I can write them down and teach them to my children.