My purpose in Life…

… is to bring with me to Heaven, as many people as I can. At one point in my life, I thought my purpose was to help people. But I learned that the ultimate way I could help them, would be to help them reach the goal of Eternal Life.

For many years, I searched for the most important question in life… was it the traditional “Why am I here?” or “What is my purpose?” Many people have their own most important question I suppose. I settled on, “Where am I going to go after I die?” To me, nothing else mattered. All this is temporary. I want Eternal Life in Heaven and I want to make sure I get there!

{What is your most important questions in life?}

If I Should Die Before You…

… I will do my best to give you signs from Heaven that I am there looking over you.  Pray… pray very hard, pray like you’ve never prayed before.  And be looking for my signs.  They will be unmistakeable signs from me.  I don’t want you to grieve too much or too long that you miss them.  It will be sad for awhile that we are separated physically, but we can be more spiritually connected, and that is so much more special!  I’m still there to help you, guide you, comfort you, and encourage you.  Just ask, and I’ll be there in your mind and in your heart.  You will know that I will always be with you until we meet again in Heaven.

After my dad died and I saw his signs from Heaven, I talked to him just about every day.  Asking for his help, his guidance, his comfort, his encouragement.  I felt even closer to him after he died.  I had a more spiritual connection with him.  Like he could hear my thoughts, know my feelings, and guide me in whatever situation I was in.  Sometimes I would ask for help, other times he would simply just give it to me without asking.

Remember my purpose in life is to bring as many people with me to Heaven as I can, whether I’m on Earth or in Heaven.  Your purpose in life should be to get to Heaven as well and meet me there!

Love vs. Hate? Truth vs. Lies? Good vs. Evil? Heaven vs. Hell?

Take your pick!

Hate leads to Lies, Lies lead to Evil, Evil leads to Hell.

Love leads to Truth, Truth leads to Good, Good leads to Heaven!

No matter which path you are on in life, you can always change your path.  Always remember, it is never too late to forgive or ask for forgiveness.  Days, months, years, a lifetime… it is NEVER too late!