The new ice bucket challenge…

Do you know the difference between good sugar and bad sugar? No?! That’s a shame. Not a shame on you personally, just that more people don’t know we are consuming way more sugar than we need. Watch the movie Fed Up if you want to eat healthier, then tell your friends. No bucket of ice needed.

If you get your news from one source, that’s a shame. The “news” you consume may not be actually be news, but what someone else wants you to believe. Believe on your own. Believe what your heart and intuition tells you is true. Educate yourself with different viewpoints and opinions from a multiple sources if you want to be smarter, then tell your friends. No bucket of ice needed.

When is the last time you told people you love, that you love them. That’s a REAL shame! Let’s make some good karma go viral! Stop now and contact the people you love (not just your family) and tell them you love them. Tell them to do the same with their loved ones. No bucket of ice needed. 😉