The rings and bracelets I make for you mean “I LOVE YOU!”

My mom always appreciated the home made cards we made for her.  And the homemade Christmas ornaments we made in grade school art class.  She loved the flowers we picked for her.  She didn’t want us to buy anything for her birthday, or Valentine’s day, or Christmas, or Mother’s Day.  She wanted something we made for her.  A dinner, a card, a present, just anything we made.  That definitely showed more LOVE!

I loved the toys my dad made for me and my brothers, much more than any toy bought at a store.  The wooden guns with a clothes pin that shot rubberbands, the wooden paddle boats powered by rubberbands.

I love making rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. for my girls.  And seeing the excitement in their eyes when I give them a gift I made.  Of course if I had 3 boys, I would probably be making guns, swords, and cars.  Making a gift for someone (regardless of the occasion) is a great way to show them how much you care, and how much you love them.  A great lesson I learned from my parents.

{What did you make for your mom or dad?}