“Someone always has it worse than you…

… be thankful you’re not that person.” – Daddie. Whenever life deals you a bad hand, play it as best you can. If at first you think your problems are too much to handle, take some time to put it into perspective and imagine all the people in the world that have worse problems than you. If you can be thankful for the problems you don’t have and be thankful for all the good things you do have in your life, then the current problem you are dealing with should be much more manageable. You will have much better prospective in all aspects of your life, if you thank God everyday for what you have.



Lessons From My Father

The original purpose for writing this blog was so my children would be able to know a little about my dad, their grandfather.  I didn’t get to know my dad’s dad.  He died in 1971 before I was born.  But I heard many stories about him from my father.  I wish I wrote those stories down because I can’t remember them and I can no longer ask my dad about them.  I want to write down as many stories as I can think of about my dad, so I can read them to my children.  When we were planning for my dad’s funeral, the priest asks my mom, my brother and I what we should pray for, and I’ll never forget saying, “that we continue to learn from him.”  Writing this book is a learning experience, remembering the lessons, the stories, thinking of the things my dad thought me so I can write them down and teach them to my children.

Why a Pink Horse?

I have 3 adorable girls, Maddie is 5, Mackenzie is almost 3, and Marlie will be 1 soon.  Maddie and Mackenzie love the color pink of course and Maddie loves horses, and she LOVES the pink horse above.  That explains the pink horse, so why blog?

The older you get, the harder it is to recall your memories, especially from childhood.  I loved hearing my dad’s stories about him, his family, and about me and my brothers when we were little.  I wish I had those stories in a book to read for myself and to read to my kids.  So this site is where I plan to write an online journal about updates in my life and a place I can write all the things I want to teach my girls, all for them to read someday.  And for friends who wants to stay up to date on my family and read my thoughts on all the lessons I plan to teach my girls before I go to Heaven.  As for after I’m in Heaven, I’ll still be teaching lessons, but instead of an online journal on the World Wide Web, the lessons will be posted via prayer… on the Heaven Wide Web! 😉

Follow up to why blog?